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White Coats: Ministry of Health, are you all right?

White Coats: Ministry of Health, are you all right?

Doctors addressed medical officials.

The White Coats telegram channel addressed the Ministry of Health on the matter of Omicron variant spread in Belarus:

- Today we have a new flash mob: "show the ticket with a queue number".

Several of our subscribers sent us their queue tickets for a clinic admission with terrifying numbers. There could be 270 people as of 8 am in a clinic on one day, 500 people by the middle and by the end of the day. Pay attention to the photo, it looks creepy. Subscribers report that some people in the queues did not manage to get an appointment with a doctor until 9 pm, after waiting for several hours.

Just in case, let's ask again: Is everything okay with you, Ministry of Health? Are doctors able to cope? Do patients receive full care?

Will you then again report that you tried and coped with the difficult challenge called Omicron?

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