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'Russian, Belarusian Officers, Soldiers Get Sick And Infect Locals'

'Russian, Belarusian Officers, Soldiers Get Sick And Infect Locals'

What is going on at the military exercises in Belarus?

The ongoing military exercises “Allied Resolve-2022” on the territory of Belarus will definitely go down in the annals of Belarusian history, if not in terms of the number of military personnel taking part in them, then at least in terms of the “indifference” of its participants regarding both themselves and the “surrounding reality”, which is our country, writes BP.

The first thing that catches your eye is the situation with COVID-19, which, according to official statistics, is breaking all sad records, and the Omicron has begun its “victorious march” around the country, everyone has already begun to infect each other.

Russian and Belarusian officers and soldiers are getting sick, followed by local residents; and so on in a circle. But a particularly alarming situation is observed in the Homel region, and not all military men end up in hospitals, some of them are treated in field camps, especially if the case is mild.

In addition to the possibility of getting sick, there is fear among local residents, and not even of war, but firstly, of occupation, because no matter how much they say that the Russian military will leave the country at the end of the exercises, doubts about this still remain.

Secondly, the picture on TV about the love of Belarusians to the exercises is one thing, but as for reality, it is somewhat different here, many are already afraid to let high school girls go to school by themselves. Because the crowds of the Russian military, separated from home for several months, look at everything and everyone with burning eyes, especially under alcohol.

Yes, there are really a lot of military men, the local residents are already shocked by the fact that they have never seen anything like this before, all the more so with weapons and, let’s call it that, “somewhat overexcited” by the exercises and the possible need to “go through fire and ice to defend the borders ”, and in such situations, people are really far from being always adequate.

Fuel to the fire of fears is also added by the fact that among the participants in the exercises there are a lot of people of non-Slavic appearance - various ethnic nationalities of Russia, who usually look at you frowningly and are not perceived as “our people”, and given the general tension in society, such fears may be not in vain.

By the way, the very behavior of Russian military personnel also raises questions, we slowly began to get used to the fact that military equipment travels around cities almost like regular buses, parking near shops and cafes, and no one pays attention to, for example, roads, which in the spring will most likely have to be laid again, it’s understandable, here the principle “it’s not mine” comes into play. But whether there will be money to repair them - that is the question, since it is not clear where to get the money in the conditions when the ruble, like the economy, is constantly in search of “probing the bottom”.

A separate story is the “struggle with nature”. Only the refugees stopped cutting wood for firewood in the west of the country, and now a new misfortune is coming: there are massive reports that new cuttings are taking place for heating and equipping field camps, and in the spring, in favorite places for recreation, now it is quite possible to find some kind of ashes or other "traces" of the drills.

Why? Because, the Soviet, and then the Russian army, was never famous for its careful attitude to this, rather, on the contrary, even just a human life often has no value at all, everything is based on fear of the command, in general, there are all conditions for a "mess", which is currently observed.

At the moment, there are already many observations of how, after lights out, the soldiers quietly get drunk, not to mention the officers, moreover, the supply of alcohol for every taste from moonshine to something "elite" was quickly arranged.

True, the locals, who have joined this game themselves, are suffering, because it is clear: the soldiers have little money, and the process of “drinking” is non-stop, so those who could not resist the temptation to earn money soon regretted this, since things began to disappear from their yards .

No one turns to the police, because of fear, moreover, now in many small towns with the onset of the dark time of the day there is a "voluntary curfew", and everyone tries to stay at home, as they say, "out of harm's way".

Yes, so far "nothing like that" has happened, but maybe that’s why it didn’t happen.

Although no, in the Khrapkova district in the Homel region, soldiers of Asian appearance were found frozen (not to death), who, after drinking the moonshine they bought, apparently simply fell asleep behind the location of the military unit. Based on the results of the proceedings, the head of the unit was replaced, a re-check of the personnel was introduced after the lights out call, and it was decided not to make the incident public.

Feeding in the Russian army is also not the strongest point, there are a lot of videos on the Internet where soldiers complain about the quality of food and it is not surprising that there have already been cases when soldiers asked the local population to "give something to eat" or domestic animals simply disappear.

On this background, you start believing the reports, which you absolutely don’t want to believe, that "under the guise" of the exercises, now you can get hold of weapons, allegedly even a Kalashnikov assault rifle can really be bought, you just need to know how and to whom to approach. And the fact that they sell rations, diesel fuel, uniforms is no longer news, it is already a business, including bartering for alcohol and cigarettes.

And - it's true, with such a large number of troops, equipment, vehicles that are now in Belarus, no one will notice the loss of any pistol or machine gun, hundreds of boxes of rations and several tons of diesel fuel, how can this be written off as expenses during the exercises? The "rear guards" know this very well, there is definitely no doubt about this.

In general, the mood in Belarus now is approximately as follows: everyone is waiting for the end of these exercises, which look more like a Mongol-Tatar invasion. And in any case, one thing can be said: this has definitely not happened in our country yet, and it would be better if it did not happen.

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