7 October 2022, Friday, 21:58
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Lukashenka Turned Into Motorola

Lukashenka Turned Into Motorola

Belarusians are to be ready to take the initiative.

Dzmitry Bandarenka, the coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign shared his assessment of the events in Ukraine with the Charter97.org website:

- For me, of course, it is a very emotional event, Russia attacks Ukraine. I consider it literally as aggression against myself personally because my father is Ukrainian, my mother is Belarusian. And I, probably, like 97% of Belarusians, are definitely on the side of Ukraine. I started to watch the news on Ukrainian TV channels in the morning. I admire the courage and such a resolute will, as well as the calmness of the Ukrainians. The way they behave in this most difficult situation really shocks the entire world. And the situation is extremely, extremely disturbing because they attack in all directions. The attack on Ukraine also came from Belarus and the fact worries me even more.

— What can you say about the participation of Lukashenka's troops in the war?

— Here we can definitely say that Lukashenka has turned into Motorola, into this now deceased gangster leader. The situation is wild, they launch attacks on Ukraine from the Belarusian territory. The military and border guards of Ukraine confirm the information. Vehicles and unmarked helicopters entered. The tribal leader of the collective farm (I mean Lukashenka) is still silent and pretends to be an innocent lamb.

The situation is terrible, millions of Belarusians have become hostages of two dictators. Because it is clear that Lukashenka would not have stayed in power in 2020 without Putin. Moreover, it is clear why Belarusian organizations were destroyed with such bestial cruelty and Belarusian leaders, as well as thousands of Belarusian patriots, were thrown into prison. However, Lukashenka will end up like Motorola, Givi and other war criminals.

— What can Belarusians do to fight the invaders?

— My friends from the Belarus Tactical Group stated that they are starting deployment, that the Belorussian volunteers will fight for Ukraine. They announced the recruitment of new people to the Belarus tactical group. Here Belarusians can directly help the Ukrainian army, as well as help the Belarusians who will fight for the freedom and independence not only of Ukraine but also of Belarus.

Negotiations between different centres of democratic forces are underway. I think that their estimation is common, that everyone condemns the aggression and is on the side of Ukraine. Belarusians are to be ready to take the initiative. Because the blitzkrieg that Putin is counting on may turn out to be a “blitzkrieg in reverse” and there will be an uprising in Belarus, I think, in Russia as well. Because no one needs this war, and the entire civilised world has already taken a clear position. And the world I won't put up with Putin's and especially Motorola-Lukashenka's pranks. We need to be ready to show determination and courage ourselves because the occupation forces are on our land, but they should not be there. And just remember that we are the heirs of the Belarusian partisans and the partisan gene among the Belarusians is probably dominant.