7 July 2022, Thursday, 20:19
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Morgues In Belarusian Mazyr Are Full Of Kadyrovtsy

Morgues In Belarusian Mazyr Are Full Of Kadyrovtsy

The Kremlin is afraid to report the losses not only to the Russian citizens, but also to the leaders of Chechnya.

The Belarusian authorities have provided their morgues for the corpses of the occupants eliminated during the invasion of Ukraine.

This is reported by the Segodnya newspaper. The newspaper quotes the statement of the United Civil Party activist Hanna Krasulina who refers to the obtained operational information.

"We know that all the morgues in Mazyr are full. There are ethnic Chechens there. And we know, according to the operational information, that they have been instructed to store these aggressors' corpses for a long time. This means that they (Russian authorities) are afraid to send "cargo 200" to Chechnya. We will not let the Russian propaganda hide the fact that they (Chechens and Russians) are dying en masse on the territory of the country where no one has invited them, and they should go back to their homes," Krasulina said on the air of Ukraine 24.