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Bucha Mayor: Every Fifth Inhabitant Remaining In City Was Shot

Bucha Mayor:  Every Fifth Inhabitant Remaining In City Was Shot

New facts of the atrocities of the Russian invaders.

Every fifth inhabitant of Bucha, who remained in the city during the occupation, was shot by Russian troops, Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk said.

In an interview with journalist Dmytro Hordon, he said that 403 people were brutally killed.

"403 civilians were brutally killed, actually tortured to death in our city by the Russian troops. Well, it’s hard to call it troops, it’s a horde, they are orcs, you can’t call them otherwise. Today there were many, both yesterday and the day before yesterday, international experts and journalists. And after what they saw, they don’t say "Russian troops", they say the horde, the orcs. There is no other way," Fedoruk explained.

According to him, before the war, about 53 thousand people lived in Bucha, and during and after the occupation, 3,000–3,500 inhabitants remained.

"Every fifth inhabitant who remained in the city was shot. Therefore, those who survived, they just thank the Lord God for what happened," added the mayor of Bucha.

He also clarified that 80-85% of the victims of the invaders died from bullet wounds.

"Almost 80-85% are bullet wounds and murders. This is not from the explosion of shells, not fragments, these are purposefully shot people, peaceful people, civilians in different circumstances," Fedoruk concluded.

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