6 July 2022, Wednesday, 4:06
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"Interesting Events Take Place Before Putin And Lukashenka Meeting In Sochi"

"Interesting Events Take Place Before Putin And Lukashenka Meeting In Sochi"

Does Belarus have a leaky border?

Interesting events are taking place on the eve of the meeting in Sochi, writes the Nick and Mike Telegram channel. Volfavich, the head of the Security Council, said that the Ukrainian military is not only strengthening the borders and increasing the number of weapons but also entering the territory of Belarus. This recognition raises questions: does it mean that the military leader admitted that our border is full of holes?

However, this is already familiar rhetoric. When, either in any incomprehensible situation, Ukrainians are accused of weapons being transported from their territory, or jeeps are driving, now, in fact, they have reached subversion and reconnaissance groups.

There is a reason for the statements now. Ukrainian insider telegrams claim that this may be part of Volfavich's self-game and promise an appropriate response. We previously claimed that Volfovich is the point through which the Kremlin is trying to influence the Belarusian security officials.

On the other hand, such moves before meeting with the Kremlin elder can be beneficial to the blue-fingered himself. Theу are equivocating and sphering their cheeks: they say, the danger is so large-scale that we are doing our best here to cope with it. Therefore, there is no time and force to enter the war.

Also, there is a new activity of Iskanders and other missile systems near the borders of Ukraine. The New York Times talks about opening a second front in Moldova. Earlier we talked about the fact that options for escalation on the Polish border are being worked out.

Duda's visit to Kyiv confirmed that Poland remains one of Ukraine's main allies. Poland is fully prepared for various scenarios: the army and the Territorial Defence Force are in full readiness, volunteers are being recruited, and bomb shelters are being tested. Poland is well aware of Russia's danger to its security (last year, for example, it was Poland's tough attitude that made it possible to overcome the migrant crisis).

It is obvious that the current scenario of war is leading the Russian army to total defeat. That's why they are looking for any opportunities to radically change the situation at the front. However, each such step can only hasten the Russian capitulation. It is impossible to win the war against the whole world, as Colonel Khodarenok, who is the voice of the Russian General Staff, truly noted.

The next week will be intense. The Kremlin elder drives himself into a corner, despite the work of agents who are asking to leave an opportunity for dialogue. However, it is difficult to have a dialogue with mad people.

The blue-fingered is a good example.