5 July 2022, Tuesday, 13:37
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Ukrainian Expert: Western Regions of Ukraine Hit Again from Belarus' Territory

Ukrainian Expert: Western Regions of Ukraine Hit Again from Belarus' Territory

Russian aviation has returned to our country.

The threat of Belarus to Ukraine still remains. Even though Russia has withdrawn most of its units from there.

This is stated in the RBC-Ukraine article "Map of War. Where the key battles undergo and whether there is a threat of an attack on northern Ukraine."

As Oleksandr Motuzyanik, spokesman for the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, explained, the situation in Belarus has not changed significantly.

"Its armed forces, consisting of seven battalions, are covering the border with Ukraine and conducting exercises. However, the threat of missile and air strikes against the territory of Ukraine is growing in Belarus," Motuzyanik said.

According to him, Russia has recently moved the Iskander-M division to the Brest region at a distance of up to 50 kilometres from the state border with Ukraine.

According to military analyst Serhiy Grabsky, this poses a threat not only to the border regions, but also to the entire western part of Ukraine. He suggests that the Russians probably want to impede an active supply of Western weapons by firing the missiles.

At the same time, the expert believes the threat of a direct attack by the Belarusian troops on Ukraine is not yet present. Such a possibility still exist but is unlikely to happen at least in the next few weeks. There are no signs of the accumulation of units, forces and means for an invasion on the territory of Belarus.

"There is evidence that the latest missile strikes, particularly against Kovel in the Rivne region, were launched from the Baranovichi airfield in Belarus. Russian aviation flew there again. And this is not exactly good news. Russia has to return to the airfields of Belarus to attack our western regions," military expert Oleh Zhdanov noted.

He also states that there is a contagious accumulation of troops to form a strike force along the northern borders.

"Until the Russian army is able to achieve at least some success on the front, the probability of Belarusian troops invading our territory will be very low," Zhdanov explained.