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Russians Fleeing To Kazakhstan Denied Rental Housing

Russians Fleeing To Kazakhstan Denied Rental Housing

Citizens of the Russian Federation are offered to pass the “test for the Crimea”.

The well-known Ukrainian journalist and media manager Dmitry Gordon posted a video shot by one of the Kazakh radio hosts on his Instagram page.

The Kazakh decided to check whether it is true that the Russians in Kazakhstan are denied rental housing. The host called one of the women who rents an expensive apartment in the center of Almaty ($833, about $240 more than the average salary in the city).

During the conversation, the radio host asked if the apartment was available to Russian citizens for rent. To which the woman first replied that she would not make registration for Russians.

The host replied that nothing needed to be done, he simply wanted to rent an apartment. And then the woman asks a sacramental question: “Which state does the Crimea belong to?” For the purity of the experiment, the man answered— “Russia”. The woman immediately said: “Well, I will not rent an apartment to you, sorry.”

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