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Russian Army Defeated In 'Cauldron': What Is Happening In the Lyman-Yampil Key Area

Russian Army Defeated In 'Cauldron': What Is Happening In the Lyman-Yampil Key Area

The main forces of the 20th Army of the Russian Armed Forces were surrounded.

The defenders of Ukraine drove the main forces of the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces into the 'cauldron' in the area of Lyman and Yampil in the Donetsk region. They took under fire control the last supply route for the occupiers, namely Kreminna-Lyman, and now it has been cut off.

Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov pointed this out. He published the data of propagandists on Facebook, emphasizing that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can take revenge on the aggressor for Ilovaisk in multiples (scroll down to see the map).

“Judging by the maps of the operational situation from the Rybar Russian propaganda channel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine achieved the complete encirclement of the 20th Army grouping, which concentrated all its forces to defend Lyman and Yampil. The Russian leadership tried to keep these two important cities of the Donetsk region at any cost. The reasons are obviously political. However, the Russians failed to stop the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the author stressed.

According to him, the defeat of the occupiers in the 'cauldron' has become inevitable, the only question is its scale. He called it very symbolic that this became obvious on the very day when Russia is going to 'annex' Donbas.

“Putin intends to join in words what he is not able to keep by force of arms. The last time the Soviet/Russian army got into the 'cauldron' was in April 1945 during the German counterattack near Bautzen. Ukrainian units fell into the operational encirclement more than once, also the 'cauldron' near Ilovaisk, during the war, starting from 2014, and in 2022 as well. At that time, about 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers were surrounded, during a breakthrough from the 'cauldron' 270 Ukrainian soldiers died in one day there. Now the Ukrainians have a chance to take revenge,” Butusov said.

At the same time, he noted that there is no reason to celebrate the victory in advance - the Ukrainians received a historical chance for the war to punish the enemy, but it has yet to be realized.

The journalist emphasized that the outstanding successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are surprising, because the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are still many times superior to our army in artillery, aviation, armored vehicles, and ammunition. But in order to finish off the enemy and prevent him from jumping out of the trap, many efforts must still be made.

According to Butusov, the occupiers can no longer avoid large losses in equipment and weapons, but it is important for the Defense Forces not to let them jump out of the 'cauldron'. The complete elimination of the encircled group of occupiers, in addition to the informational and political effect "will lead to a hole in the Russian front and make it impossible for the occupiers to hold the Svatove-Kreminna line for a long time."

“There are no troops in Russia equal to the Ukrainian Azov and the Marines, they are unable to defend themselves for a long time in the environment, so the Russians will soon make attempts to escape, leaving their weapons and cover units, as they fled earlier from Balakleya and Izyum,” the journalist believes.

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