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Missile Strikes At Kyiv: What Awaits Belarusian Ziabrauka?

Missile Strikes At Kyiv: What Awaits Belarusian Ziabrauka?

Military objects in Belarus are a priority goal for Ukraine.

On Saturday, Russia launched a massive shelling of Ukraine. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russians used S-400 (S-300) anti-aircraft guided missiles from the north to attack Kyiv.

Later, Ukrainian aviation expert Valery Romanenko confirmed that with a probability of 99%, Russia fired at Kyiv from the territory of Belarus.

The Charter97.org website asked Ukrainian diplomat and political scientist, expert of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation Oleksandr Khara to comment on the attacks on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus:

— The tactics of warfare are changing because, obviously, Surovikin (Sergey Surovikin, ex-commander of the joint group of Russian troops in Ukraine — Charter97.org) did not cope with his task when the priority was set to strike at the critical infrastructure of Ukraine, including with the same missiles that were intended for the war with the West.

I am talking about Iskanders, Kalibrs, X missiles, which are launched from strategic bombers. So they were sent during the Cold War and now, for a possible conflict with the NATO bloc.

I think that the Russian Federation has exhausted the reserves that could be used and is moving on to other missiles that are available. In particular, the dual-use S-400 missiles. They can be used both to destroy air defense systems and to strike ground targets. When hitting ground targets, the range is half that of air targets. Accordingly, in order to strike at Kyiv and other cities located at a sufficient distance from the Russian Federation, Belarus is used as a platform.

The status of Belarus as an aggressor has not changed a bit since February 24, 2022, when Lukashenka provided the territory of the country for a large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. I emphasize that from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation and international law, Belarus is an aggressor.

Crimes that can be qualified as military are burdening the conscience of the government and the military leadership of Belarus. The destruction of civilian, non-military infrastructure is terrorism. War does not cancel the use of all kinds of actions as tools against terrorism.

There is no doubt that Lukashenka's regime is bloody, both in relation to Belarusians and Ukrainians.

— The Defense Express publication, after analyzing the fragments of the missiles, stated that the attack on Kyiv was inflicted by new missiles for the S-400 from the Belarusian Ziabrauka. How can Ukraine react to these strikes?

— I believe that it would be absolutely right for Ukraine to break off diplomatic relations with Belarus. It makes no sense to keep Ukrainian diplomats in Minsk, since there is absolutely nothing they can do.

Another question concerns whether it makes sense to strike at the objects of the military infrastructure of Belarus, from which these strikes are carried out. These are the places where there are rocket launchers, and airfields. I believe that this is not only a legitimate goal, but also a prioritized goal if we want to ensure the security of Kyiv and beyond. Such blows must be struck.

Here I do not see any moments that could be considered dangerous from the point of view of even the fact that Lukashenka will decide not only to grant the territory, but also to fully intervene in the conflict. Yes, it will not be easy for Ukraine, but if Lukashenka risks the lives of Belarusian soldiers in the name of an absolutely senseless and in fact already strategically lost war, then these will be his last days.

We remember that Belarus is a “union state” of the Russian Federation. Recently, the “integration” of the armed forces of these countries has accelerated. “Exercises” are being carried out, a large amount of equipment is being transferred, both for repairs and for possible aggressive actions against Ukraine.

No one excludes a repetition of the attempt to capture Kyiv, including through the advancement of these forces from the territory of Belarus. So far they have not accumulated enough, but this cannot be ruled out.

It is clear that there is Russian military equipment, which is used against Ukraine, on the territory of the military facilities of Belarus.

In particular, the same AWACS aircraft, which is engaged in reconnaissance and targeting, uses the Belarusian airfield. Therefore, it is absolutely legal and legitimate to destroy equipment that strikes at the territory of Ukraine.

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