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It Seems Country's Insane!

It Seems Country's Insane!

The Western sanctions could result in incredible poverty for Russians.

The last few days have been marked by two main trends in Russia's internal politics.

The first is, of course, Putin-Shoigu's plans to transform the "second army of the world" into the first army of war. The creation of new divisions, corps, districts, the increase in the number of the Armed Forces and, of course, the announcement of unlimited financial opportunities for this. In any case, on behalf of Putin.

But there is a second trend, identified during the Forum in Davos. The Western sanctions could result in incredible poverty for Russians. Kenneth Rogoff a Professor at Harvard University stated this at the Forum.

The people of any sane country would never even allow such contradictions to appear. But not in Russia!

British intelligence has already doubted the reality of the implementation of Putin's plans to build up the army.

What are his plans? Deployment of seven motorized rifle divisions. The deployment of one motorized rifle division costs about $3 billion.

You can calculate it with mental arithmetic.

260 combat tanks, worth about $5 million: $1.3 billion. 140 infantry fighting vehicles for $1.5 million: $210 million. 200 armoured personnel carriers: $200 million. In total: $1.7 billion for something meaningless. We are also to add the cost of 180 guns and mortars, 4-6 artillery systems, a helicopter squadron, a missile battalion, combat, technical and logistics support and 4,000 tons of ammunition.

Equipment for airborne divisions and marines is also not cheap. Huge expenditures are needed for the production of landing craft for them in addition to weapons. These are transport aircraft and helicopters and landing vessels. As for the latter, due to their age, almost all of them are subjects to write-offs.

This is what concerns divisions only. Even more insane and costly plans have been proclaimed. Moreover, in the course of their implementation, the plans are becoming even more expensive because of the level of Putin's friends’ wants.

It is unlikely that they have enough penthouses of 5000 square meters like S.Chemezov's one for everyone.

I'm not even mentioning that the mobilized soldiers have to buy gear and armour on their own despite Putin's infinite possibilities, and the insane people collect money for them to buy underwear.

The funds that the psychotic lieutenant-fuhrer from the Ligovsky backstreet is going to spend on the army and the war will not be superfluous for Russian pensioners, education and health care. But it seems that there is no one in the country to figure it out or understand it.

I remember the speech of one of the leaders of the human rights organization Memorial at the Free Russia forum. A person with an impeccable moral reputation said that people had no moral right to call on people from outside Russia to protest. It's really true.

When you see that a few people bring flowers in memory of the victims of the Russian strike on a residential building in Dnipro and compare with how many Kyivans in March 2018 brought flowers to the Russian embassy in Kyiv in memory of those dead in the Winter Cherry [2018 Kemerovo fire - Ed.].

The few who risk doing this in the police scoundrels' sights only confirm the scale of the intellectual and moral catastrophe of this country and the people.

Hundreds of political prisoners could be released immediately after any noticeable and large-scale protest.

After all, those who go out to protest in Tehran or Havana are risking and even dying, but they are fighting for their human rights and dignity. The Cubans are not threatened by the prospect of death in a war that their totalitarian power can unleash. But the Russian people do not want to count or protest, defending their right to life.

Many people are already asking this simple question. What can happen if around the Kremlin, Smolny, a million people come out to protest? What are the risks of overthrowing Putin's gang in this way, given that this gang has already destroyed over a hundred thousand Russians in the war? I deliberately do not talk about the qualities of these Russians. I'm just counting.

In this regard, it is just the right moment to recall what is considered classical Russophobia in the understanding of the Russian government and its crazy people.

“I often repeat to myself: it's better to destroy everything here and form new people.”

Astolphe de Custine

In the meantime, the US must ensure that Russians face dreadful poverty. Kenneth Rogoff said the same.

The sanctions, both primary and secondary, should minimize the possibility of this power threatening the world and encourage the desire of these people, if not to become a people, then, in any case, to learn to count. To think is even better.

Vitaly Ginzburg, kasparov.ru

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