5 February 2023, Sunday, 21:30
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Svetlana Kurs: Belarus To Be In European Union And NATO

Svetlana Kurs: Belarus To Be In European Union And NATO
Svetlana Kurs

Our country will become a part of the global world.

Belarusian writer and translator, winner of the prestigious Jerzy Giedroyc Literature Award Svetlana Kurs tells Salidarnasts what fate awaits our country when the war is over:

- I believe in the renewable power of a human being and the great renewable power of any society, even a repressed one. It is being therapeutized and will move up and forward.

Second, not everyone who left should necessarily return on a permanent basis. Some, for example, will come back and take positions in the new Belarus and create administrative structures, both local and national. Others will stay in the West, where they will be well-to-do and may even be authoritative and cooperate with their country.

Belarus will become part of the global world, with no option to live in three cities, moving back and forth and making business ties. I won't say a mass migration of millions, but this kind of exchange - cultural, historical, tourist, informational. It enriches it, I think.

We will already be in the European Union, NATO. We will not be the worst members. This is how I see our future.