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Fridman: EU Made Conclusion That Is Derogatory For Lukashenka

Fridman: EU Made Conclusion That Is Derogatory For Lukashenka

The puppet of the Kremlin will receive tough sanctions.

The EU concluded that Lukashenka is a puppet of the Kremlin, and now they can synchronize sanctions.

According to political analyst Alexander Fridman, this idea was prompted by the increased participation of the regime in Belarus in the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

“Russian conscripts moved in and settled in Belarus, their training began, tension on the Ukrainian border increased. All this was recorded in the European Union. As well as helping Russia in circumventing sanctions,” the expert noted.

For many months after the start of the war, Brussels refrained from expanding sanctions.

As the Charter97.org website reported before, the European Union proposes to introduce a new package of sanctions against the regime in Belarus. The restrictions thereof can be as strong as those currently imposed on Russia.

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