21 March 2023, Tuesday, 9:49
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Killings Of Commanders, Desertion: How Russian ‘Mobilized Newbies’ Rebel

Killings Of Commanders, Desertion: How Russian ‘Mobilized Newbies’ Rebel

Sometimes entire units protest.

The riots of the mobilized have become a regular occurrence in the Russian army. The Russians, unprepared for war, are now being sent to the hottest spots of the front, and they write public appeals, desert, beat and even kill their commanders.

The Charter97.org website has collected the loudest cases of riots in the Russian army.

Rebellious train and beating of the commander

One of the main reasons for the dissatisfaction of the Russian “mobilized freshmen” is the conditions in which they find themselves at the front.

So the mobilized, who fought in the Svatove direction, are forced to sign a contract. The commanders starve them, settle them in the open air, and threaten them with criminal responsibility. We are talking about servicemen of the reconnaissance company of the 346th motorized rifle regiment.

According to the version voiced by their relatives, last week they were taken out of their usual place of deployment and settled in the forest belt of the Luhansk region.

Sometimes riots take on a massive character. So, about 200 “mobilized freshmen” began to protest because it was cold on the train that was taking them to the war in Ukraine. A train of four cars was stopped at the Ulusarka station in the Lipetsk region.

“The fighters on the way to the “special military operation” zone almost got frostbite, as frosts set in, and the train was not heated in any way,” the message said. The police were called to the scene to put down the riot.

Many “mobilized newbies”, despite the sincere disregard and negligence on the part of the command, record video messages to Putin so that “he would sort it out”.

So a Russian military company, which was thrown into the Luhansk region to unequipped positions with the air temperature being -20 °C, recorded a video complaint to the head of the Kremlin and asked to “improve conditions”.

Those mobilized in Kubinka near Moscow turned out to be less patient. There, one of the mobilized, who were being prepared to be sent to Ukraine, first cursed the commander of military unit # 95370 in obscene form, and then hit him.

The mobilized told the Lieutenant Colonel that instead of actually preparing for combat operations, they were taught to walk in formation and shoot at imaginary targets. Also, the soldiers were furious due to the lack of necessary equipment.

“Are we going to march in formation at war? This is profanity, imitation of firing, fake exercises,” said one of the mobilized, accompanying his speech with foul language.

In response, the lieutenant colonel could only say: “Do not do that.”

The mobilized are deceived with regard to money

Many of the Russian military men rebel not at all because of the fact of being sent to war, but because of deception with payments.

The mobilized Russians from Yekaterinburg staged a protest that they did not want to fight for “thank you”. The mobilized freshmen, who were in the training center in Tyumen, said that they had not received a salary for a month.

In Ulyanovsk, the military took to the parade ground because of the lack of due payments, arranging a rally. Shooting training was then canceled at the training center, the rooms with weapons were closed and sealed.

It was reported that the proceedings with the protesting military sent the Russian Guard. Soon, the dissatisfied were able to calm down — according to some reports, the officers were still able to convince the mobilized that they would soon receive the promised money.

Killings of commanders and massacres in military registration and enlistment offices

After the start of mobilization, a wave of arsons of military registration and enlistment offices swept through Russia. In the city of Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation, a mobilized man opened fire at the military registration and enlistment office.

As a result, the head of the draft board suffered.

According to various reports, before the shooting, the offender said “No one will fight” or “Now we will all go home.” These words were not included in the video.

Killings of commanders also occur at the front. So, near Kherson, the Russian mobilized soldiers killed the commander, and handed over weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“A group of mobilized soldiers, by prior arrangement, went to the square indicated by our fighters. They didn’t have any equipment, so they only handed over weapons to us. They were given medical help because everyone was sick. They also got fed, and were happy. After interrogation, they will go to the camp. They will live in safety,” the Ukrainian special services told Channel 24.

Prior agreements with the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on surrender were carried out by the invaders without the participation of their immediate commander. He was also one of the mobilized, but he was very afraid of punishment from the Russian special services after captivity. Like, they could shift the blame for the voluntary surrender on him alone.