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Russian Soldier Shot Large Family With Children For Refusing To Provide Their House In Volnovakha To Kadyrovites

Russian Soldier Shot Large Family With Children For Refusing To Provide Their House In Volnovakha To Kadyrovites

Nine family members were killed in their residence.

A Russian officer shot a large family with children for refusing to provide their house to the Kadyrovites.

Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported this on Telegram. He called on anyone who had any details regarding the crime to inform the resistance forces.

“A brutal murder in Volnovakha. A Russian soldier shot nine people right in the house. Including a girl - a 4th-grade pupil... even the local Z-bustards do not hide it, a large family was shot for refusing to provide their house to the Kadyrovites,” Andryushchenko wrote.

He noted that this is the largest and most high-profile crime of the Russians after the occupation and they are already trying to hide it, although the information has already spread on social media.

According to Andryushchenko, the execution of the family was confirmed by information resistance partners from Volnovakha.

Residents there, neighbours and relatives of those killed confirmed in an interview with ASTRA that the murder was committed by a Russian soldier.

As neighbours and a distant relative of those killed told ASTRA, everything happened on Friday, October 27, in a house on Donetskaia Street. The husband and wife, Natalya and Andriy, lived in the house with their children, elementary school pupil Nastya and 4-year-old Mikita. It's not clear what happened before the murder. Still, the criminal shot the entire family with children and 5 other people who were also in the house.

“As the police told us, they were killed by soldiers on motorcycles, and everyone was lying in their beds, that is, they did it while the victims were sleeping,” a distant relative of the killed told ASTRA, citing eyewitnesses.

“A soldier of the Russian Armed Forces committed the murder. He quarreled with Natasha’s husband. The top arrived immediately. They tried to hide everything, they told the neighbours to be quiet,” said a family friend.

“Their mother-in-law had a birthday on Friday, and at night everyone was killed. Yesterday their relatives started looking for them, called the police, they opened the house and found the bodies,” said another neighbour of the murdered.

“Everyone was killed with headshots when laying in their beds. The house was flooded with water, apparently to hide the evidence. All the neighbours say that the killers are military. No one has been arrested, and all are scared now,” added the family’s neighbour.

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