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Belarusian Officer Tells Whether There Are ‘Partisans’ In The Army

Belarusian Officer Tells Whether There Are ‘Partisans’ In The Army

Lukashenka is afraid of the military.

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, test pilot Roman Svitan expressed the opinion that there are military personnel in the Belarusian army who are determined to overthrow Lukashenka.

“Part of the Belarusian military understand that the country is ruled by a pro-Russian occupation regime. They are still forced to follow orders, but like partisans they are waiting for their time. I think they will see it in the end,” says the Ukrainian colonel.

Are there partisans in the Belarusian army? The website Charter97.org asked the deputy chairman of the Narodnaya Hramada party, a veteran of the Afghan war, and reserve officer Yauhen Vilski:

“Yes, there is such information. I personally don’t know such people, but I heard from my friends whose children serve in the army as officers that such sentiments exist. So far, everyone has been sitting quietly and waiting for some moment to understand who to join.

The problem is that Lukashenka is also strengthening his army. Many “Wagnerites” with Belarusian roots were accepted, mainly into sergeant positions, and, of course, into officer positions. And those who raised any doubts in the regime were fired. The regime understands perfectly well what is happening in the Belarusian army, and is trying by any means to strengthen itself and somehow insure itself. Recruit those people who have no principles and will serve those who pay, mercenaries. This shows what the mood is in the Belarusian army, since the regime is afraid of its military.”

“Can the Belarusian military make a statement at some point?”

“I doubt they can do that now. You know, it’s all been going on for 30 years, especially in the last three years, propaganda has intensified. Now they are trying to remove older officers, and they are hiring young brainwashed ones to fill their positions, so it is now difficult to expect anything from the Belarusian army.

But if certain events occur, for example, something happens in Ukraine, then you can expect anything from the Belarusian army.”

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