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Roman Svitan: Lukashenka Will Be Eliminated At Earliest Possible Opportunity

Roman Svitan: Lukashenka Will Be Eliminated At Earliest Possible Opportunity
Roman Svitan

The Belarusian officers, faithful to their oath to the people, are waiting in the wings.

Military expert and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan maintains contacts with the Belarusian military, with whom he studied during Soviet times. He gave an interview to Charter97.org and analyzed the processes taking place in the Belarusian army:

– Any soldier or officer takes an oath to the people. Some Belarusian officers understand perfectly well that they are under the Russian occupation regime now.

Ukrainians experienced a similar thing under Yanukovych. It’s just that we have a larger country than Belarus, we were able to find the strength in ourselves and throw it off. The Belarusians tried to do this, but, unfortunately, for various reasons, it did not work out. However, there remains an understanding that power is currently seized by Russian proxies. Belarusian officers, who are faithful to their oath to the people, are simply waiting for their time.

When such an opportunity arises, Belarusian officers will side with the people, not the occupation regime.

– What are the necessary conditions?

– A perspective must appear, and then you will see that the real officers of Belarus will side with the people.

Ukraine can help those Belarusian regiments that are now fighting for Belarus only on the Ukrainian front. Putin’s Russia is a common enemy, so we will first help the Belarusian units, and then we will help the entire Belarusian people.

– Lukashenka’s hope that Ukraine has forgiven him is noticeable in some of his statements. Is it true?

— No, Lukashenka (like Putin) has his hands up to his elbows in the blood of the residents of Kyiv, Irpin, Bucha and other settlements. He is directly involved in the murders of Ukrainian civilians by Russian troops. They crossed the territory of Belarus with his consent. The Ukrainian people will never forgive him. He will be eliminated at the earliest possible opportunity, as well as Putin.

By the way, the Belarusians did not enter the war in February 2022 precisely because of what I mentioned earlier. We are talking about the opposition of real Belarusian officers, who are faithful to their oath to the people. They did not allow the army to carry out the order to enter the war against the fraternal Ukrainian people.

Lukashenka has feedback. He realized that the Belarusian army could turn its bayonets against him. That is, the opposition of the majority of officers and soldiers did not make it possible to carry out his direct order, but Lukashenka indirectly participated in the murder of Ukrainian civilians by letting Russian troops through.

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