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BSU Fee-Paying Student: Weird Documents In Our Student Group

BSU Fee-Paying Student: Weird Documents In Our Student Group

They took the students by surprise.

“They brought strange papers (additional agreements) to our group and wanted everyone to sign it,” Uladzislau, a Fee-Paying Student at the Belarusian State University (BSU), told the editors of Charter97.org.

“We’ve signed an annex and agreed that we pay only part of the paid training - about 60-70%. The rest is supposedly compensated from the state budget. We were assured that this agreement does not concern an increase in tuition fees.

In my opinion, they are trying to turn students into serfs. By signing such a document, we sign what we owe to the state. The next step in this action will be forced labour after graduation. If we refuse to work, they will force us to pay the rest, which, according to these papers, is to be compensated by the state.

Of course, no one showed us any calculations about the real costs of training. I don't think they even know themselves.

We have the same trap with utility payments as if the amounts in utility bills increase every year little by little reaching 100%, but as we see, no matter how much they increase, they continue to broadcast that the people pay only 70-80%.

For those who do not work or have travelled abroad, the fees are many times higher. And no one knows the justification for it. It’s only a punitive system.

Our group was taken by surprise by these papers. I regret that I signed this document, and now I am seriously thinking about how to avoid this snapping trap.

I can only advise future applicants one thing: look for opportunities to study abroad. At least there, having paid money, you will be sure that you will become a free specialist and get a job wherever you want.”

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