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Hamas Violates Truce With Israel Just 15 Minutes After It Began

Hamas Violates Truce With Israel Just 15 Minutes After It Began

The IDF intercepted a missile fired from Gaza.

On Friday, November 24, a truce began between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. This was reported by The Times of Israel. According to the publication, 13 hostages held in Gaza, as well as an unspecified number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons, will be released today.

The truce between Israel and the Palestinian radical group Hamas was agreed upon through the mediation of Qatar. At the same time, several hours before the temporary ceasefire, the sounds of sirens were heard in Israeli cities adjacent to Gaza. In addition, active shelling of the Gaza Strip was reported.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that unknown Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip violated the ceasefire within 15 minutes. In particular, the IDF intercepted a rocket fired towards southern Israel.

It is not yet clear which group is responsible for the missile launch, although the IDF has previously said Hamas is responsible for any attacks from Gaza into southern Israel because of its influence over other local militant groups.

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