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Main Phase Of War In Ukraine Will End In Autumn 2024: United States Has Clear Plan

Main Phase Of War In Ukraine Will End In Autumn 2024: United States Has Clear Plan

The Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces revealed the details.

The main phase of the war in Ukraine may end approximately in the autumn of 2024. The hot phase of the war will not be protracted. The victory of the Ukrainian state over the aggressor country Russia is part of the US plans, and the United States has a clear plan.

This opinion was expressed by military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan in an interview with Glavred. According to him, in the spring of 2024, Ukraine could be given enough fighters and long-range missiles to liberate the occupied Crimea.

“Our victory over the Russian army is part of the US plans and is intertwined with the political struggle in America, so the main phase of the war should end approximately in the autumn of next year — just before the American presidential elections take place. Most likely, in the spring we will be provided with a sufficient number of fighters and long-range missiles to complete the main task — the liberation of the Crimea. Aviation and long-range missiles will make it possible to liberate the Crimea in 3-4 months, this should happen in June-August next year. Next we will deal with the Donbas,” Svitan noted.

According to him, it will be easier to liberate the Donbas after the liberation of the Crimea, but the combat work will still drag on. Svitan notes that in such a situation, the Ukrainian army may advance to the border and it will be possible to cut off the region from Russia.

“True, for this you will have to enter the territory of Russia — to Rostov or Taganrog in order to cut off the Donbas with the eastern borders, or to move along the Seversky Donets, Don or Mius. The Donbas will have to be cleared, probably sometime in the spring of 2025,” the military expert predicted.

Svitan predicts that all this could happen on the eve of Ukraine’s admission to NATO. The Ukrainian Armed Forces may reach the 1991 borders in the spring or early summer of 2025, before the summit in the Netherlands.

The military expert expressed the opinion that Ukraine could be invited to NATO as early as 2024 in Washington, and we would have the opportunity to conclude bilateral agreements with 32 countries of the Alliance.

“Currently there are 31 countries in the bloc, but by this time, I think, Sweden will also join the bloc. And already in 2025, at a summit in the Netherlands, Ukraine will be accepted into NATO. We must get there with clean borders with Russia, having destroyed the last Russian soldier. This is roughly what the US plan looks like. God helps that it comes true. For this, everyone needs to make serious efforts — both the Ukrainian army and our Western partners, who must transfer weapons to us. To fulfill the plan, we must receive military equipment, aircraft and missiles of new modifications,” summed up Svitan.

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