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SSU: Russian Woman Helped Ukraine Hit Crimean Bridge

SSU: Russian Woman Helped Ukraine Hit Crimean Bridge

Interesting details have been revealed.

The Security Service of Ukraine reported that a Russian tourist helped them during the planning of the explosion on the Crimean Bridge. A citizen of the Russian Federation, who was vacationing on a yacht, filmed the crossing from below and posted the video online. The video clearly shows the internal structures of the bridge arch.

The video taken from this angle helped determine at what point the Crimean Bridge should be attacked in order to inflict maximum damage on it. Counterintelligence officers spoke about this in the documentary film “SSU. Special Operations of Victory."

“In preparation for the operation, most of the information used was from open sources. One of the sources of such information was a video recording of a Russian woman who was vacationing in the area of the Crimean Bridge on a yacht and filmed the internal structures of the bridge arch,” said the counterintelligence agent with the call sign “Raccoon.”

“Every Russian with a smartphone is our best friend, comrade and client. We have the opportunity to observe many objects inside Russia itself, in the occupied territories. Let them film more, take photographs and post them online,” added the SSU military counterintelligence serviceman with the call sign “Chrome.”

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