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US Transfers HIMARS ‘With Surprise’ To Ukraine

US Transfers HIMARS ‘With Surprise’ To Ukraine

Weapons can turn the tide of a war.

The United States announced a new aid package for Ukraine in the amount of $100 million. In particular, only one HIMARS missile launcher is being transferred, which may indicate a certain “surprise”.

Founder of the NGO “Reactive Mail”, military expert Pavlo Narozhny listed two possible modifications of HIMARS to «24 Каналу». According to him, this could be a launcher for long-range missiles GLSDB or ATACMS.

“The HIMARS we have are enough to cover the entire front line. Most likely, this HIMARS came for something new,” Narozhny emphasized.


It is known from open sources that the Pentagon has contracted GLSDB missiles — this is a small-diameter glide bomb weighing 100 kilograms. A control system and a rocket engine were installed in it. The range is reported to be over 150 kilometers.

“The main point is that it is very cheap. I think we are talking about 100 thousand dollars approximately. The GMLRS missile that we now use costs 170–180 thousand dollars,” Narozhny noted.

Now the enemy is moving all its logistics 100-120 kilometers away from the front line so that the Defense Forces cannot reach them with HIMARS under any circumstances. And with GLSDB, they will have to hide at a distance of 180–200 kilometers. This will greatly complicate logistics, command, and control of troops.


The Wall Street Journal reported that special modifications were made to HIMARS to prevent it from being fired into Russian territory. Therefore, there is a possibility that Ukraine was given a special HIMARS from which ATACMS can be launched with a range of 300 kilometers.

“If so, it will really change the course of the war. If it is 50-100 pieces, then with that amount we can destroy all warehouses, logistics centers, bridges, and control points. This will break the back of the war,” Narozhny stated.

According to the military expert, then we should start with the enemy’s aviation and air defense, as well as the Crimean Bridge.

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