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Expert: Lukashenka Got Humiliated By Putin’s Double

Expert: Lukashenka Got Humiliated By Putin’s Double

The political strategist drew attention to the important nuances of the CSTO summit in Minsk.

On Thursday, November 23, a meeting of the CSTO was held in Minsk, where Vladimir Putin personally arrived. However, many experts are inclined to believe that it was a double of the dictator.

Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen, in a conversation with Channel 24, analyzed the behavior of the Russian dictator. And especially the attitude of other summit participants towards him.

Was there a real Putin?

Despite the bad weather, Putin still flew to Minsk. The Russian dictator or his double looked quite lively — he shook hands with everyone and said hello. Interestingly, he was accompanied by only one guard.

“What caught my eye is that the real Putin is always followed by people with suitcases. And then he went down the stairs, a flurry of snow was hitting his head, but they didn’t even offer him an umbrella. And only one security guard with a folder opened the door,” noted the political strategist.

The first to arrive in Minsk were the presidents of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. But Armenia refused to participate in the CSTO meeting. Lukashenka read a long report at the round table, and then the participants quickly said goodbye to each other. But there is a nuance.

“There was a frame where 4 presidents stood and no one even looked at Putin. That is, the 3 presidents communicated with each other. Everyone who was there understood that this was not the real Putin. Just see how other summit participants paid attention to him. They communicated with him (Putin – edit.) for many years. That’s why he (the conditional double – edit.) stood there, picking the floor with his toe, and didn’t get involved in conversations,” Tizenhausen analyzed.

Probably, the Kremlin did not want to send the real Putin to such a high-profile event. And there they could worry about the safety of the dictator.

“Those rulers who were there tried to show that they were not truly respected, and did not react to the double,” the political strategist added.

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