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Large Group Of Occupiers Surrendered Near Avdiivka

Large Group Of Occupiers Surrendered Near Avdiivka

The Russian military came out at night with their hands raised.

Russian occupiers near Avdiivka in the Donetsk region began to surrender to Ukrainian defenders. Over the past night, about ten soldiers of the Russian Army “chose life.”

Speaker of the United Press Center of the Tauride Defense Forces Oleksandr Shtupun, spoke about this during the telethon on November 25.

“The Russian occupiers began to surrender. Yesterday in the Donetsk region, three people “chose life,” and tonight, there is information, up to a dozen more occupiers surrendered,” he said.

The military man added that the enemy has reduced the number of airstrikes by four times compared to the day before, but infantry activity remains high.

In particular, near Avdiivka, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers repelled 30 attacks.

The enemy rarely uses armored vehicles, because they lost a lot of them during the “third wave,” which began a few days ago.

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