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‘Belarusian Intelligence’: State Control Committee’s Really Scared Lukashenka

‘Belarusian Intelligence’: State Control Committee’s Really Scared Lukashenka

The frightened dictator promised to remove Kachanova.

Dictator Lukashenko read the report on Belarusian bank account transactions starting from 2020.

The head of the Belarusian State Control Committee (the SCC) personally presented the report to Lukashenka. Siarheenka also was there. Lukashenka did not believe the figures and went crazy ordering the data to be clarified and reported again, the Belarusian Intelligence Telegram channel reports.

Three SCC departments checked the figures but no mistakes were indicated. Lukashenka was not so much struck by the amount of funds as by the number of people.

It is only known that there are numerous donors [assistance to people affected by illegal actions and repressions of the Lukashenka regime - Ed.] in different locations, but almost 70% of all transactions are registered in Minsk and the Minsk region. The SCC officials realized that they had “blundered” and unwittingly reminded Lukashenka with figures about his “legitimacy” just on the eve of the elections.

That’s why Lukashenka called on Kachanava. He reminded her that she was personally responsible for Minsk. He also told Kachanava directly that if the situation in Minsk during the election period would not be “constructive” then he would vacate her seat to others. At a meeting of security forces, it was decided to focus on Minsk, since it is a “time bomb.”

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