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New Cyclone Has Approached Belarus Replacing ‘Phil’

New Cyclone Has Approached Belarus Replacing ‘Phil’

It will be very snowy on November 27-30.

A new cyclone is about to cover Belarus. It and snowy Phil will shape the weather in the country for some time. Forecasters warned that there will be no less snow on November 27-30. What about the temperature?

According to an expert from the Nadvorie channel, the new cyclone will approach the southwest of Belarus at 20:00-22:00 on November 28, Tuesday. It will move to the north of the Republic in order to reach Minsk by 1 am, and by 7-8 am to cover the whole of Belarus.

“This cyclone is not as severe as Phil, which created a storm in the Black Sea, on the territory of Ukraine, and is now covering the east of Belarus with snow. This one will be softer,” the forecaster assured.

The temperature on Wednesday, November 29 will remain at -3..-7°, the wind will not exceed 12 m/s, and snow and blizzards can reduce visibility to 600–1000 meters.

“By 9 am on Wednesday, the southern half of the Republic of Belarus should add 8–15 cm of snow,” suggested the Nadvorie (“Weather”) Telegram channel.

“Ice is expected on some sections of the roads, and at night the wind will continue to increase in places with gusts of 15-20 m/s,” the warning by state weather services reads as of November 28, Tuesday. Because of this, a yellow danger level was declared there.

The air temperature on Tuesday will fluctuate from -4..-10°C at night to -1..-7°C during the day.

“Snow is expected in most parts of the country at night and in the morning, in some places during the day, and in many areas in the southwest of the country - snow and sleet. There are icy conditions on some sections of the roads,” Belhydromet warned.

On November 29, the Belhydromet confirmed that a new cyclone from the south will affect the weather in the country: it will bring snow, sleet and rain in the country's southeast during the day, and glaze ice is expected in some places.

In this case, the temperature will fluctuate greatly. At night they expect from -4°C in the south to -12°C in the north of Belarus, and in the northeast, with clearing, the air will cool to -13..-16°C. At the same time, during the day the maximum temperature can even become above zero -6..+1°С.

But on Thursday, November 30, they promised cloudy and clearing weather with snow and a light blizzard. The temperature can even reach -13°C at night, but on average it will fluctuate between -5..-10°C, and during the day it will “rise” to 0..-7°C.

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