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ISW: AFU Successfully Counterattack Near Avdiivka

ISW: AFU Successfully Counterattack Near Avdiivka

Russian propagandists also write about the success of the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that on the previous day the AFU had repelled up to 30 attacks near Novobakhmutivka, Berdichi, Novokalynive, Tonenke, Stepne Pervomayske and Avdiivka.

Shtupun, the speaker of Ukraine's Tavria group of troops, said that Putin's army continues to go into battle in small groups of 10-20 men.

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War voiced the situation in the Avdiivka direction. According to Shtupun, the enemy is advancing in 6 directions at once near Avdiivka. Heavy fighting is going on in the area of the industrial zone in the south-east and in the area of the coke plant in the north-east. At the same time, Russian war correspondents claim that the Russian Armed Forces have captured the entire industrial zone and reached the south-eastern outskirts of Avdiivka. Here the occupants from the "Veteran" assault brigade, which is part of the PMC "Redut", are fighting.

Shtupun said that due to bad weather conditions, the enemy army has reduced the number of artillery shelling, as well as the use of drones on this section of the front. At the same time, the Russian Air Force is still very active. Z-bloggers confirmed a successful counterattack of the AFU near Stepne. At the same time, they also write that counterattacks in the area of the industrial zone were not successful.

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