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Activists In Poland Call On The Pope To Pray For Poles Persecuted In Belarus

Activists In Poland Call On The Pope To Pray For Poles Persecuted In Belarus

This includes journalist Andrzej Poczobut.

Regional associations of municipalities and powiats in Poland have asked Pope Francis to pray for the Poles persecuted in Belarus, MOST reports. Representatives of the local government asked to show solidarity with the democratic opposition, and also demanded the immediate release from custody of all political prisoners in Belarus, including journalist Andrzej Poczobut.

In their appeal, representatives of the Federation of Regional Associations recalled that according to the UN report, the human rights situation in Belarus is catastrophic and continues to worsen.

“Catholic priests are persecuted and, in addition to arrests, they are beaten, intimidated, fined and forced to leave Belarus,” the appeal says.

Representatives of local authorities are outraged by the brutal political repressions against the Polish minority living in Belarus.

“Those Poles have lived on these lands for centuries, and only because they still feel like Poles and are Catholics, express solidarity with Poland and the democratic opposition in Belarus, they are subjected to repression by the entire state apparatus.”

The authors of the appeal called on the Pope to pray for all those persecuted in Belarus and to make the broadest possible diplomatic efforts in the international arena to protect the democratic opposition and religious freedom in Belarus.

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