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Russian Occupiers Say Command Abandoned Them On Left Bank Of Kherson Region

Russian Occupiers Say Command Abandoned Them On  Left Bank Of Kherson Region

The offended military listed a number of problems.

Russian army servicemen in the occupied part of the left bank of Kherson region have complained about their command. The invaders said that it had "abandoned" them - not only in terms of weapons, but also in terms of food and payments, writes obozrevatel.com.

At the same time, they assured that they are "here not for money", and want decent treatment from their native country-aggressor. The war criminals recorded their complaints about their life in Ukraine on video to a pitiful musical accompaniment, and it spread on the web.

"In fact, we are listed in the Russian Federation. How did we find out? Bailiffs started blocking accounts of some servicemen. Bailiffs have started blocking the accounts of some servicemen. They make a request to the Ministry of Defence, it answers that we are not taking part in the "SMO". And people are sent to the islands for seven to ten days. They eat what they find under their feet from the Dnipro River," one of the invaders began his story.

According to him, his comrades told him that they found a can of stew, added it to boiled water from the river and were eating such food "just not to starve to death". He added that the command had "abandoned" them and that the Russians were being given false information about them and the fighting.

This Russian is listed as a medic in the ranks of the occupiers, but he says he has to treat his comrades by buying medicines with his own money.

"And that's half the trouble. Every one of us who has a military ID card in his hands..... Here, the column "military service under contract" is empty. That's it, not served in the armed forces. And this is for a man who is on the front line, performing combat missions, getting shot and running in front of mortars. "Service during mobilisation and martial law" - empty," said the invader.

Another fellow soldier added that they take the wounded from the battlefield using their "personal" transport (obviously, the one they stole from local residents), which they fuel with their own money or remittances from their wives.

The occupants named the lack of mortar and air cover, intelligence and allegedly low ammunition among other problems. Some of them started the theme that everyone came to fight "not for money", but they want to ensure that while they are destroying Ukraine and killing Ukrainians, their families in the Russian Federation are not in need but are provided with benefits, etc.

You can't hear well what else these invaders were saying because of the music in the video, but the picture shows that they have settled down quite well. There are about seven occupants sitting in the basement, where they have created good conditions for themselves thanks to the property looted from Ukrainians. It is obvious that it is warm there, because everyone is dressed lightly, they have something to eat - there are tinned food and mayonnaise on the table, and they are also smoking relaxedly. And against this backdrop, these Russian war criminals are complaining about how bad they feel about Putin's war.

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