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Storm Demolishes Barriers Protecting Crimean Bridge, Sevastopol Bay From Attacks

Storm Demolishes Barriers Protecting Crimean Bridge, Sevastopol Bay From Attacks

Satellite images have been published.

A storm in the Crimea demolished the barriers that protected the Kerch Bridge and Sevastopol Bay from attacks. This is evidenced by satellite images.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Twitter of OSINT researcher Brian.

Kerch Bridge area

“During the recent storms that devastated the Crimean regions, the barriers were either washed away due to stormy seas or were removed to prevent any damage to them. The storm filled the water with silt, making it difficult to determine the status of the installed protection,” he notes.

According to the analyst, these booms were installed to protect the bridge from drone attacks near the Kerch-Yenikale canal, under the Kerch Bridge. They look like spiked barriers and were intended to prevent attacks from Ukraine, which has “successfully disabled the bridge for months in the past”. Moreover, the occupiers easily removed them earlier when ships passed along the way.

Sevastopol Bay area

Similar barriers were washed away in the area of Sevastopol Bay.

In some places here they are secured by cable to ensure that the booms remain in place and allow for easy monitoring of the booms changing position.

“Thus, we can come to the conclusion that these defensive networks provided the fleet in the Crimea with a certain degree of security, but now it is very vulnerable to drone attacks from Ukraine,” the analyst states.

Storm in the Crimea

The temporarily occupied Crimea has been hit by severe bad weather since November 26. The media have already declared the storm in the Black Sea the strongest in the last 100 years. At least one victim is known; half a million inhabitants were left without electricity. In particular, the trenches of the Russian occupiers on the coast in Yevpatoria were washed away by sea water. At the same time, according to the Institute for the Study of War, the storm in the Crimea affected the pace of the war in Ukraine, but did not stop the fighting completely.

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