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Finland Decides To Completely Close Border With Russia

Finland Decides To Completely Close Border With Russia

The decision will take effect on Thursday at 00:00.

The Finnish government has decided to temporarily close all border crossings on the border with Russia. This was stated by Prime Minister of Finland Petteri Orpo.

Orpo added that the government's goal is to bring Russia's hybrid activities that affect Finland under control as soon as possible.

“We are talking about organized activity,” Orpo said.

Finnish Interior Minister Mari Rantanen clarified that it will not be possible to apply for asylum at border crossings, but this can be done at ports and airports.

Orpo clarified that the decision to close the eastern border will come into force on Thursday at 00:00 and will remain in effect until December 13.

Finland began to block entry from Russian territory due to the influx of illegal migrants. Thus, the Finnish border service has prohibited the entry of people riding a bicycle through checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation.

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