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It Begins: Two Facts Indicating End Of Putin In Russia Named

It Begins: Two Facts Indicating End Of Putin In Russia Named

A large-scale slow-down strike is taking place in Russia.

The mood in Russia has changed a lot recently. Russians no longer want war, despite the Kremlin's propaganda efforts.

A well-known Russian historian and politician, Dmitry Chernyshevsky, said on his YouTube blog.

"I kept waiting for the first good news, which would reflect the first changes in public opinion... It wasn't going to happen quickly, but it had to start. And it has begun... There are at least two serious factors that show that in Russia there is a slow, gradual change of consciousness towards a realisation of reality, a rejection of the war and a deep passive negativity towards this whole fascist regime... The first is the infamous movement of soldiers' wives, which suddenly came out of the blue. The authorities were totally unprepared for it... It is the people of the depths in which this movement has swelled... It will be crushed, but this is the first sign. Everything in regimes like Putin's always starts from ultra-loyalist positions: "We are with you, our great king (...) but your rotten ministers... please help the people" .... That is the first symptom," said the historian.

The second symptom, he says, is the publication by the sociological group Russian Field of a sensational survey of Russians' attitudes to the "special operation". What is important in this case is that the Kremlin has authorised the publication of facts indicating that Russians are not ready to continue the war.

"The poll was conducted at the behest of the authorities... It's a hack job! But with an unexpected result. The number of those against the war outnumbered those for it... And this despite the fact that the poll was carried out during a dictatorship, when the wrong word can backfire... 74% would be in favour of an immediate cessation of hostilities... The fundamental fact is that this is an official question, sanctioned from above... In all likelihood, the figures have been slightly manipulated. But that is not important. What is important is that for the first time Russia has recognised that people are tired, that they want peace. This was done for some of their own purposes in the Kremlin, in the Kremlin towers, for negotiations with the West. They are playing their own game... But it reflects the process of changing consciousness in Russia," Chernyshevsky said.

According to the poll, only 20 percent of Russians blindly support Putin's regime and his war. That's a disaster for Putin.

"This is less than usual... The stable group of supporters of totalitarian regimes is 30%. And we have only 20%, and that's good. And the remaining 80% is the established public opinion, which can no longer be turned around. ... The majority of the population has come to certain conclusions, and these conclusions are disappointing for the authorities. The people went along the line of passive resistance - the slowdown strike.... A huge chip in the pocket was formed," said the historian.

He warned that the result of these events would be the collapse of the Putin regime.

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