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Ukrainian Forces Liquidated Top Russian Military Leadership Officials In Kherson Region

Ukrainian Forces Liquidated Top Russian Military Leadership Officials In Kherson Region

Impact on the building where the occupiers were meeting.

On November 28, the Ukrainian military hit Russians at the time of their meeting in a captured village in the Kherson region. High-ranking officials of the Russian Army were eliminated.

RBC-Ukraine reported with reference to the Resistance.

“Yesterday, thanks to the information provided by the underground and concerned local residents, a blow was struck at the building where the occupiers’ meeting was taking place in the temporarily occupied village of Yubileiny, Kherson region,” the message reads.

As the partisans note, as a result of successful actions, five Russian army officials are known to have been liquidated.

The Russian publication ASTRA, citing sources, named those killed and their ranks of the Russians liquidated at a meeting in Yubileiny, Kherson region.

The publication claims that at least 17 occupiers received injuries of varying severity.

“Four officials from the occupation ‘police’ were killed: the “deputy chief” of the department, 33-year-old police major Artur Dzhunusov; 39-year-old police major Vladimir Novikov, who held the position of “chief of logistics”; 46-year-old senior police lieutenant Mergen Nimgirov, who held the position of operative in the illegal ‘police’ in the occupied part of the region; 45-year-old police captain Sergei Novikov, who held the position of juvenile affairs inspector,” ASTRA said.

ASTRA also indicated some of the ‘meeting’ participants who were injured as a result of the flight.

“Among the wounded is another ‘deputy department’, 46-year-old police lieutenant Zhanna Khabirova, ‘deputy head of the department” 44-year-old police lieutenant colonel Tatyana Trambovetskaya, ‘head of the investigation department’ 39-year-old lieutenant colonel of justice Amida Midelashvili, ‘chief of police’ 38 -year-old police lieutenant colonel Dmitry Baranov, ‘chief of the traffic police’ department, 37-year-old police captain Sergei Lysenkov and others. At least five official vehicles were damaged,” the publication writes.

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