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Arsenic Or Thallium: Toxicologist Reveals Details Of Budanov’s Wife’s Poisoning

Arsenic Or Thallium: Toxicologist Reveals Details Of Budanov’s Wife’s Poisoning

The poison was applied in a soluble compound.

Chemist-toxicologist Vladimir Sargsyan commented on the information about the poisoning of the wife of the head of the Defence Intelligence of the Ukrainian MoD, Marianna Budanova.

As he emphasized in a commentary to Focus, this kind of poisoning often occurs through food or water, which means the poison must contain soluble compounds and be odorless and tasteless so as not to be noticed.

“This is a fairly limited number of compounds that can be used for poisoning, and not all metals are of “forensic interest,” so to speak. Among them: lead, mercury, manganese, chromium, nickel, zinc, thallium, bismuth, and maybe the metalloid arsene (arsenic),” says the expert.

At the same time, he noted that all stable compounds from the periodic table are inherent in human everyday life and recalled what the rate of poisoning depends on.

“What is important is the amount of poison injected and the body’s ability to break down and digest substances. In addition to everything, it is also important what poisons were ingested with food before. At the moment, we do not know whether there were other poisons in the body and when exactly the poisoning occurred,” the expert said.

Heavy metal poisoning: what is important to know

The specialist says that heavy metal poisoning can last for weeks, or even months — the body’s ability also depends on this. Therefore, we cannot exclude the possibility that Marianna Budanova could have been poisoned long before the first symptoms manifested. Moreover, specific information about the severity of the poisoning is unknown.

Sargsyan also added that with a timely course of detoxification and treatment, the severe consequences of heavy metal poisoning can be avoided. And if in a couple of weeks a message appears that Budanov’s wife has returned to normal life, there will be nothing surprising in this.

Poisoning of Marianna Budanova

Earlier it was reported that the wife of the head of the Defence Intelligence Kirylo Budanov, Marianna Budanova, was in the hospital. Marianna Budanova was poisoned. The publication Babel writes about this, citing intelligence sources.

According to media reports, Marianna Budanova was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning.

Later it became known that Marianna Budanova was poisoned “through food.” Marianna Budanova is alive and has already undergone the first stage of treatment. The head of the Defence Intelligence himself is fine. At the same time, heavy metal poisoning was also detected in several employees of the State Intelligence Service of Ukraine.

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