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Situation With Russian Troops In Belarus Becomes Known

Situation With Russian Troops In Belarus Becomes Known

The AFU have detected movements and activity.

Russian troops are still on the territory of Belarus, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not register the creation of strike formations there.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the statement of the speaker of the Joint Press Centre of the Northern Defence Forces, Yuri Povkh.

According to him, the AFU control any movement and activity of groups on the territory of Belarus.

"There are no signs of creating strike groups of enemy troops on the border with Belarus now. Consequently, the situation on the border remains controlled. The armed forces of Ukraine - both units and formations - are closely monitoring the movement and activity of the enemy on the opposite territory," said Povkh.

The speaker said that communicators and airfield personnel remain there. And there are no units that can be used for an offensive. We are talking, in particular, about tank or infantry formations.

"Russian troops continue to be on the territory of Belarus at the current specific moment in small numbers. These are personnel of several transfer communication centres and airfield attendants. As for infantry units, tank units, that is, units that can pose a real military threat to Ukraine, no such units have been detected now," he added.

As Povkh noted, those troops, which were previously deployed in Belarus, were redeployed to the east and south of Ukraine.

"They were redeployed to the most threatening directions in the east and south of Ukraine. Russia used Belarusian training grounds as training centres, and warehouses and stocks of the Belarusian Armed Forces - as a donor for its armed forces and formations," the speaker said.

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