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Bild: Russian Army May Be Suddenly Destroyed In Ukraine

Bild: Russian Army May Be Suddenly Destroyed In Ukraine

Ukrainian officers are counting on a powerful ally.

Ukrainian officers are hoping for a harsh winter to hurt the Russians. Unlike Ukrainian soldiers, who usually have winter uniforms, heating and appropriate footwear, most Russian soldiers in Ukraine are poorly equipped and unprepared for low temperatures and snow.

The German newspaper Bild writes that

"The sudden, violent onset of winter in Ukraine! But Ukrainian politicians hope for more: to destroy the invading Russian army," writes military expert Julian Repke.

Moreover, every few weeks Ukrainian soldiers are transferred from the front to the rear, where they can rest and, above all, warm up.

Russian soldiers, on the other hand, are not rotated for months; some of them have been on the front line without a break since July and are already running out of energy.

The Ukrainian military is better prepared for winter than last year, thanks in part to Germany.

Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksiy Makeyev said in an interview on Monday: "We are better prepared because our partners have also recognised that air defence systems provide better protection.

In other words, the harsh winter will hit Russian soldiers on the front line the hardest. If they freeze to death en masse or starve for lack of food, Ukraine will gain valuable time to prepare a new spring offensive.

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