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Israel, Hamas Agree To Extend Truce

Israel, Hamas Agree To Extend Truce

For one more day.

Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend the truce in order to continue the exchange of prisoners.

This is reported by The Times of Israel.

"In light of the efforts of the mediators to continue the hostage release process and if the terms of the agreement are met, the ceasefire will continue," the Israeli army said in a short statement.

Hamas said the truce was extended ostensibly for one day. Note that the original ceasefire agreements ended this morning, November 30.

As part of the agreement, Hamas will be required to release at least 10 hostages on each additional day of the ceasefire.

Israel, in turn, is committed to releasing at least 30 Palestinian prisoners for every 10 Israeli hostages.

We remind you, the truce between Israel and Hamas militants began on November 24. At that time, the parties to the conflict agreed on a ceasefire for four days.

After that, Israel and Hamas decided to extend the truce for two more days on the condition that the militants will release more hostages.

Yesterday, November 29, it was reported that Israel is discussing with Hamas to extend the ceasefire for two more days. For this, the militants must fulfil Tel Aviv's conditions.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured that his country would continue fighting in the Gaza Strip after the return of the hostages.

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