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Everything Changed Since 2012: What Happened To Putin

Everything Changed Since 2012: What Happened To Putin

The head of the Russian Federation has unexpectedly cancelled important events and simply 'disappeared'.

There are different versions that the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, is suffering from serious health problems or has even died. However, rumours of this began to circulate as early as 2012.

Rostislav Murzagulov, a writer, publicist, social activist, Russian oppositionist, told 24 Channel about it, noting that such a version was told to him by an acquaintance who was one of the most influential politicians in Russia. He claims that these conversations took place in the Kremlin.

"There was such a situation that Putin suddenly disappeared in 2012. He cancelled all major events, cancelled his trip to the G8. Sent Medvedev there," said the publicist.

All this allegedly because the Russian president had to form a government. Even though, according to Russian law, this should be done by the prime minister. One of Putin's aides, according to the author's interlocutor, talked about the fact that the Russian president had allegedly been diagnosed with oncology. And some doctors claimed he would not live more than a year.

"And suddenly Putin reappears. Healthy, handsome. He goes everywhere, cancels nothing, does not form the government himself, and willingly participates in everything," Murzagulov points out.

Then interesting coincidences began to happen. The people who were in contact with the Russian president began to be "dispersed". Some were appointed governors, others were sent to the security services.

At the same time, Vladimir Putin divorced his wife Lyudmila.

At the time, the legend of a "fairytale romance" with the gymnast Alina Kabaeva began to circulate. Officially, however, the head of the Kremlin did not introduce them.

"Replacing the sick Putin with a double, according to their logic, is probably no less crazy than attacking a neighbouring country under the pretext of 'searching' for mythical Nazis. They themselves make people believe in all this, because they commit this madness every day," the public figure stressed.

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