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Political Scientist: Paranoid Lukashenka Has Real Mental Case

Political Scientist: Paranoid Lukashenka Has Real Mental Case

The CSTO summit added to the dictator's troubles.

The latest CSTO summit in Belarus showed: the organization is collapsing. Lukashenka's tremor only confirmed this.

Political scientist Dzmitry Balkunets told Belsat about this.

“If they say that the CSTO guarantees the security of countries in the event of, for example, some external threats, then will Belarusian troops defend the Russian Far East or even the borders of Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan? No. It won’t happen. Kyrgyz troops will not defend the Belarusian-Polish border if something happens there. But nothing will happen, since no one poses any threat, except for the tremor that occurs in Lukashenka’s mind. He has a real mental case. That's all that matters, the paranoid situation. I believe that no CSTO troops can defend any external borders,” said Dzmitry Balkunets.

Let us recall that Lukashenka trembled strangely at the CSTO summit in Minsk. The dictator was shaking while waiting for Putin. It was caught on camera. This fueled information about Lukashenka’s serious health problems.

A doctor at one of Minsk hospitals, who wished to remain anonymous, told Charter97.org that the dictator may suffer essential tremor.

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