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Russian Serviceman Washed Away By Wave During Storm In Kerch Strait

Russian Serviceman Washed Away By Wave During Storm In Kerch Strait

Video fact.

Footage from the port "Kavkaz", which is located on the Chushka Spit in the Kerch Strait in the Krasnodar Territory, has appeared on the Net.

A cyclone was raging for two days across the Black Sea, covering the south of Ukraine, Crimea and part of the territory of the Russian Federation, reports Ukraine 365.

One of the servicemen of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation decided to boast on his page on the social network with "beautiful" shots of the storm raging in the sea.

The occupant came very close to the coastline and did not have time to escape from a large wave that covered him from head to toe and literally washed him off the embankment.

The storm also destroyed the entire defence line in Evpatoria, which the Russians had built in case of a Ukrainian landing in Crimea.

Moreover, the barrier structures around the Crimean bridge itself were also damaged. Brian, an expert from OSINT, concluded with the help of satellite images that the barrier structures were damaged as a result of bad weather and storms at sea.

It is possible that the barriers were removed by the occupants beforehand so that the storm would not hit them. Such barriers were put up by the enemy to protect them from attack by sea drones. They were built in Sevastopol Bay, near the Kerch-Yenikal Canal and under the Crimean Bridge.

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