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Dentist From Kopyl Cuts Lukashists Down To Size

Dentist From Kopyl Cuts Lukashists Down To Size

The doctor challenged the resolution of the Ministry of health on prices.

Acting head of the dental department of the Kopyl central district polyclinic Uladzimir Dvaretski said in the ticktock channel of @konylnews that he did not agree with the resolution of the Ministry of Health, which reduces prices for dentistry.

Justifying his position, the doctor noted that prices are already low. He gave examples: acetal denture - around 360 rubles, plastic crown - 50-55 rubles, simple removable denture - from 165 rubles.

The price list for dental treatment in the fee-based office, according to Dvaretski, is also affordable. On average, a filling for a single-rooted tooth will cost 50-60 rubles, for a multi-rooted tooth - 100-110 rubles.

"To reduce prices - in fact, it is a loss to us and a loss to everything," believes Dvaretski and says that doctors since the summer increased plans by 20 per cent while maintaining the same level of prices.

The doctor points out that meeting the plans is not helped by a decrease in the number of clients. "When I started in 1981, there were 62,500 people in the district. Now it's about 27 [thousand]. That's why fewer people are coming in. Most of them are people of retirement age."

The polyclinic does not do metal-ceramics, says Dvaretski. "It used to be possible to do all that, but [not now] it's not our fault. It's all for other reasons," the doctor noted without being specific.

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