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Employee Of Gallery In Hrodna Stumped 'What? Where? When?' Experts

Employee Of Gallery In Hrodna Stumped 'What? Where? When?' Experts

The experts were unable to solve a simple three-word sentence that every customer knows.

In the second match of the winter series of the Belarusian club "What? Where? When?", Evgeny Stishenk's team was beaten 2-6 by the spectators.

The best question was asked by Evgenia Rybak, a gallery worker from Hrodna. The presenter noted that this was the 26th time Evgenia had played against experts, Komsomolka writes.

Attention, the question:

- The famous phrase, often used to justify unacceptable behaviour in certain situations, is familiar to all of us in a shortened version. However, the author originally added a few more words: "in matters of taste". What is this phrase?

After a minute, the connoisseurs asked the club for help. But even the club could not find the right answer.

- The lights are on, but nobody's home, was the team's reply.

The host gave the Connoisseurs credit, saying it was a good version.

And the correct answer is this:

- It turns out that the phrase was uttered by Harry Selfridge, the founder of the Selfridges department store chain. He said that the seller should not discourage the buyer from buying the chosen garment, even if it does not fit. That was the meaning of the phrase. So Selfridge's original phrase was: "Right or wrong, the customer is always right".

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