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These Assets Will Work: How Will Belarusians Prove Themselves?

These Assets Will Work: How Will Belarusians Prove Themselves?

A huge victorious choir will sing Pahonia by memory.

Siarzhuk Douhushau is not just a musician, but one of the main Belarusian folklore communicators. Not many people know that he was among the creators of the Volny Chor (“Free Choir”), which became one of the driving forces of the 2020 protests.

Siarzhuk Douhushau speaks about how Belarusians prove themselves in an interview with the Studio X-97 show by Charter97.org. Host: Yevhen Klimakin.

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– There are a lot of talks about mistakes that led to the failure of the 2020 revolution. I want to ask you, in your opinion, what good happened?

– First, Belarusians believed in themselves. Belarusians discovered their culture for themselves and learned about themselves. Some of the people I meet abroad say: “I’m looking forward to the Belarusian language for 2020.” Secondly, people began to unite more, people began to follow a common idea. The most important thing is that they saw that they were the majority. When almost everyone came out of the city when the streets were so filled with people. The people cared about the fate of Belarus. People who rebelled. People who were standing for our country to live better.

– Did Belarusians keep it? Is it still working?

– There is resentment, there is pain, there is closeness and disappointment. But it was preserved inside. It will all appear again as soon as there is some kind of push.

– I ask this question to everyone. How to win?

– The first thing is victory over yourself. Make some effort, and I’m doing it. Every morning I get up and make a list of things that need to be done, most of these things are related to Belarusian culture. Many projects, many events, publishing activities, educational activities. This is my victory. My victory over myself. At times I feel sadness, powerlessness, and the moment when I want to return to my village of Tarchylava, just to take a walk around my native place. I can't do this. I understand that my land is occupied.

I wish we could be wherever we want. To have an opportunity to go to your village. My dream is this: so that we can all come to our land. Because our land was taken away, but it still belongs to us. We carry it with us, we sing our songs, we know our history and so on. This piece of our homeland is always with us. But I want to meet on our land. And it will not only be a choir, it will not only be an orchestra but all Belarusians. All who call themselves Belarusians will stand and sing Pahonia with tears and by memory. I think this is my biggest dream.

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