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Train Traffic Paralysed In Moscow Region

Train Traffic Paralysed In Moscow Region

GUR gives the reason.

Railway traffic has been paralysed on two sections in the Moscow region due to a fire in railway equipment.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence reported that on the territory of the aggressor state disruptions in the work of the railway are becoming more frequent.

"Serious complications of logistics due to the delay of trains on the territory of the Russian Federation caused by the failure of railway relay cabinets," said in the message of the GUR in the social network Facebook.

In this regard, it is noted that in the last days of November 2023 on important sections of the Russian railway in the Moscow region burned two objects.

We are talking about a relay cabinet near the settlement of Lazenki, Novoperedelkinsky district, and a relay cabinet near the settlement of Artemyevo, Domodedovo district.

"As a result of a special measure implemented in cooperation with the resistance movement, the movement of trains on the specified sections was paralysed," the message said.

The GUR stressed that "fire, chaos and paralysis on the Russian railway is another consequence of the Russian criminal war against Ukraine".

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