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Boryslav Bereza: Nature Mocked Lukashenka

Boryslav Bereza: Nature Mocked Lukashenka

The old dictator works as Kremlin’s back-up dancer.

Ukraine still hasn’t decided how to treat the Lukashenka regime. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has two draft resolutions: either to recognize Belarus as a territory occupied by Russia, as was done by the Ukrainian parliament concerning Ichkeria, or as an aggressor state.

Charter97.org asked the Ukrainian politician, former member of the Verkhovna Rada Boryslav Bereza, which approach is closer to him:

– We must proceed from the real state of affairs. We see the Russian Anschluss of Belarus. The country is under complete military and financial control of the Russian Federation.

What is important here is not only Ukraine’s adoption of a resolution. After all, the declarative nature of any decisions by the Verkhovna Rada must be supported by actions. It is necessary, for example, to initiate proceedings at the level of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the UN, and other institutions that could influence the Belarusian issue.

It’s also necessary to develop relations with the Belarusian opposition at the state level. However, we remember that Lukashenka has been physically destroying it. There are no other oppositions. We need to work with it, help and interact, provide consultations and give it our helping hand.

We also need to work with public opinion leaders and create them in Belarus. If you wait passively, it will be like the old Eastern proverb: “– How long to wait for the better? – It will take a long time to wait!”

– In his last statement, Lukashenka said that “Ukraine will be ours,” and “the topic of war goes by the wayside.” How would you comment on these words?

– I’d like to recall Ivan Krylov’s words in this regard: “Oh, Moska! It must be strong, so it barks at the elephant!” Lukashenka is just Putin’s minion, living off subsidies. He flies to Moscow on command and carries out all the Kremlin’s orders, barking only when ordered to.

It is worth remembering that a barking dog does not bite. He can say a lot, but will do nothing. He is afraid of war. He is afraid that the war will come to Belarus.

He understands that if war comes to the country, he will be swept away by the very first wave. Also, Lukashenka’s statements fit the Kremlin’s line perfectly well. He says what is easy for them to spread in their information space. I won’t be surprised if Lukashenka says something similar.

In any case, it is not necessary to react to the words of Putin’s minion. Nature has already mocked him. In his old age, Lukashenka is working as a back-up dancer for the Botox monster from the Kremlin [Putin - Ed.]. Well, to each their own.

– Joint “exercises” are constantly being extended in Belarus, and innovations are being introduced for those serving military service. One of the latest is digital calls. Some Belarusian officers say that Lukashenka is preparing the country for a war after all. What awaits the Belarusian military if they cross the border with Ukraine?

– Look, there may be a second, a third, even a fourth attempt to enter Ukraine, but then the Belarusians will receive Ukrainian “warm welcome”: the Grads, artillery, mines, tanks and everything that can cure this “disease” that is called the invasion of Ukraine.

Yes, the invasion of Ukraine is treated with lead and napalm, and we know how to treat this disease. More than 300,000 Russians have already been eliminated. If Belarusians, following Lukashenka’s criminal order, want to join the occupiers, since they want Ukrainian land, they will mix with it and become fertilizers. Every occupier will be killed.

However, I believe that the instinct of self-preservation and studying the experience of the destroyed Russians will help Belarusians survive and not enter the territory of Ukraine.

If Belarusian troops enter Ukraine, I am sure that the Kastus Kalinouski Regiment, as well as other Belarusian volunteers, will be able to perform combat missions in Belarus. Moreover, it is necessary to kindle a flame from this spark. Then Lukashenka will no longer care about Ukraine.

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