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Simonyan Boasts Of Gucci Knockoffs, Car From China

Simonyan Boasts Of Gucci Knockoffs, Car From China

The propagandist said that she is buying pirated products as a matter of principle.

Top Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan is happy that now Russians have to drive low-quality Chinese cars and wear knockoffs of famous Western brands, UNIAN reports.

As Simonyan stated in one of the propaganda programmes, her family had allegedly recently bought a Chinese car and is very happy with its comfort. Moreover, the propagandist herself allegedly wears "Gucci shoes made in China."

"We have now bought an absolutely marvellous Chinese car, unbelievable, many, many times cheaper than the German ones we used to buy. The prices are so much lower than the European ones. I bought myself three pairs of Gucci shoes - marvellous. Somewhere in China, they're made, but I hope it's us. Fakes, of course. I buy only fakes now, as a matter of principle. That's fine. Who have you made it worse for?" said the disgraced propagandist.

It is noteworthy that Simonyan in her stream of praise for the Chinese industry did not mention what Russian-made goods she buys.

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