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Railway ‘Chornobaivka’: SSU Blasted Another Train Carrying Fuel On BAM

Railway ‘Chornobaivka’: SSU Blasted Another Train Carrying Fuel On BAM

The explosion occurred as the train was moving along the Devil's Bridge.

The Ukrainian Security Service organized another explosion on Russia's most important strategic railway. Another train was blown up in Buryatia.

RBC-Ukraine was informed about this by its own sources.

The publication's interlocutors note that the Russians fell into the trap of the SSU twice — another train with fuel was blown up on the Baikal-Amur Railway.

As sources emphasize, this explosion became the second stage of the SSU special operation to disable this important railway line. The Russians also use it for military logistics.

Thus, the first freight train was blown up directly in the Severomuisky tunnel. To continue moving, the Russians began to use a bypass route passing through the Devil's Bridge.

“This is exactly what the SSU was counting on: while the train was passing over this high 35-meter bridge, the explosive devices embedded in it went off,” sources said.

As Russian Telegram channels write, 6 tanks caught fire as a result of the explosion. Even a fire train arrived to put out the fire.

What is known about the “Devil’s Bridge”, where the second explosion took place

Devil's Bridge is a semicircular viaduct on the Northern Bypass of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. It was built in 1986, but regular train service began in 1989. Passes over the Itikit River. Its height reaches 35 meters.

Located on characteristic two-tier supports, it is the only bridge of this design in Russia. According to data from open sources, the bridge sways somewhat when heavy trains pass across it (since 2002, such trains have not crossed the bridge, only work trains travel, the main traffic goes through the Northern Tunnel). Therefore, it enjoys a “bad reputation among operators” who are afraid to drive across the bridge.

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