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Sensors Of New Type Installed On Roads In Belarus

Sensors Of New Type Installed On Roads In Belarus

How do they work?

Head of the highway department of the Ministry of Transport Ryhor Hlazko, said that new sensors had been installed on the roads in the Homel region. They must spot wild animals and warn drivers about them.

The official clarified that fences along the roads are not enough to protect drivers and animals. “As practice shows, this is not entirely enough. Last year, a set of measures was approved that will minimize the entry of animals onto the roadway and the number of accidents involving wild ungulates,” said Ryhor Hlazko, BelTA reports.

According to him, sensors were installed on the M10 highway in the Homel region a month ago.

“That is, on the right and left side of the road there are cameras and motion sensors that are already specially programmed. If an animal goes out onto the road, then information about this lights up on the board 250 m on each side. This is especially important at night,” the official said.

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