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Drunk Putin Disgraces Himself With Coarse Statements Against Ukraine

Drunk Putin Disgraces Himself With Coarse Statements Against Ukraine

The head of Russia, wiggling with a glass of champagne.

The head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, snapped at Ukraine. He spoke profanity after drinking champagne on the occasion of his nomination for the presidency of Russia.

A video with Putin’s scandalous statement was published on December 10 by Russian TV host Pavel Zarubin.

The video was published only two days after the announcement that Putin would be a candidate in the future presidential elections in the Russian Federation.

The Kremlin probably doubted whether it was worth broadcasting it. The video captured Putin surrounded by the Russian military and wiggling with a glass of champagne. He tried to aggressively justify himself for attacking Ukraine.

“We would never have done anything like that if we had not started to destroy Russia on our historical territories in Ukraine,” Putin said.

He also remembered the Ukrainian law, according to which Russians were not included in the list of indigenous peoples of Ukraine.

“Are you so crazy? So crazy! How can I put it more simply!? Maybe like folk say, they’ve got a cheek!?” said the head of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, Putin lied that Russia allegedly “did not intervene initially” in the war in Donbas. He also again complained that he was allegedly “deceived” by the Minsk agreements. “They also said: ‘We are not ready to implement them [the Minsk agreements - Ed.].’ Did you strive for this? Hell no! (...) They signed it only to prepare Ukraine for hostilities. An attempt to push Russia back, weaken, crush. Nothing will work out for them!” - the Russian dictator said.

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