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Israeli Tanks Battle Their Way Into Khan Younis Centre

Israeli Tanks Battle Their Way Into Khan Younis Centre

During a new offensive in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli tanks battled their way into the centre of Gaza's main southern city of Khan Younis on Sunday, December 10. They launched a powerful offensive in the region's main city.

This news was reported by Reuters. According to local residents, after intense night fighting, which slowed the advance of the Israelis from the east, their vehicles entered the main road from north to south through the centre of Khan Younis.

It is noted that the tanks reached Jamal Abdel Nasser Street. Snipers took up positions on buildings in the area.

The publication reminded that Israel launched an assault on Khan Younis this week after the breakdown of the truce. Consequently, the ground operation spread to southern Gaza as part of an expanded phase of a two-month campaign to eliminate Hamas militants. International humanitarian organisations said that 2.3 million residents of the enclave have no shelter because of this.

We remind you that Israel ordered residents to leave the Khan Younis centre. After that, the Defence Forces carried out artillery strikes on the locations of Hamas militants in the enclave all night. This happened after the US used its veto in the UN Security Council to secure its ally from demands for a ceasefire.

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